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Cash Management, Merchant Services and More

Raccoon Valley Bank knows it takes more than a business checking account to keep your company, store or farm operation running smoothly. You need the ability to process debit and credit cards with the right point-of-sale equipment and software, access funds electronically and originate ACH payments. It is for these essential business activities that Raccoon Valley Bank offers Merchant Services, Online Cash Management and other business deposit services

 Merchant Services

While cash will always be king, business owners in today’s world need to be able to process debit and credit cards. That is where Merchant Services from Raccoon Valley Bank  come in. If you have a business checking account with Raccoon Valley Bank , you are eligible for the most cost effective merchant service options to give you the ability of accepting debit and credit card payments. You are always in touch with a Raccoon Valley Bank  employee from setup through maintaining your service.

Online Cash Management

eCorp Cash Management Services  allow you to effectively and securely carry out all the online business transaction you need to make. As an Online Cash Management customer, you will be able to:

  • Setup and manage access for your employees
  • Transfer funds electronically
  • Originate ACH files for direct deposit and direct debit
  • Save data files and upload third party files to save time from data re-entry
  • Have access to free ACH editing software

Online Cash Management through Raccoon Valley Bank  gives you greater flexibility and efficiency when it comes to your business finances.

Additional Business Deposit Services

In addition to Merchant Services and Online Cash Management Services, Raccoon Valley Bank  also offers a few additional business deposit services:

  • Night Depository- sometimes you have to make a deposit outside of Raccoon Valley Bank ’s regular business hours. For these occasions, each Raccoon Valley Bank  location has a night depository for you to use.
  • Payroll Check Cashing- help your employees get paid for all their hard work with free payroll cashing.
  • Reserve Checking (subject to credit approval)- take returned checks and overdrafts out of the equation by using this pre-approved credit line.

Smooth Out Your Business Finances with Raccoon Valley Bank

You have more important things to worry about as a business owner, so let Raccoon Valley Bank  shoulder some of your business’s finances. Come by any Raccoon Valley Bank  location to talk with a bank officer about Merchant Services and Online Cash Management today!