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Checking Accounts for Businesses of All Sizes at Raccoon Valley Bank

What do non-profits, convenience stores, farmers and manufacturing companies have in common? They all need a business checking account to hold their money. Raccoon Valley Bank is committed to helping local businesses, farming operations and non-profits manage their money through offering a variety of business checking accounts. There are business checking accounts available for small, medium or large businesses, as well as for businesses that want to earn interest  on the money in their business checking account.

Hometown Small Business Checking

Catering to the needs of local small businesses, the Hometown Small Business Checking account requires $100 to open and a $1,000 or $10,000 combined loan/deposit relationship balance. Account benefits include up to 75 deposited items, debits or written checks per statement cycle, an available ATM or debit card, free online banking, eCorp cash management services available, free Telebanking and overdraft protection1 and eStatement availability. Possible fees: $8.56 per month if balance falls below $1,000 or combined relationship falls below $10,0002; $0.48 per deposited item/debit/check written over 75 in statement cycle2; $5 per returned deposited item2; annual ATM/debit card fee of $10.701,2.

Business Commercial Checking (Analysis)

The additional analysis with this account makes sure you are getting the most out of your business checking account. With an opening deposit of $100, your account is analyzed every month for efficiencies or area of improvement. You also get the benefit of online banking, eCorp cash management services, Telebanking, overdraft protection1 and eStatements. Possible fees: varying monthly fee based on cost analysis of account (earnings credit applied against analysis charge); $5 for special handling instructions2; $5 per returned deposited item2

Business Insured Money Market

Make the money in your business checking account work for you! This account earns tiered interest on the collected balance, and also provides the benefits of free online banking and Telebanking. Possible fees: $10.70 per month if balance falls below $2,5002; $10.70 per withdrawal/debit over six (6) per cycle2; $0.27 per deposit/deposited item over 25 items2; $5 deposited item2.

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