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Save Money for your Financial Goals with a Savings Account or CD

Having peace of mind when it comes to your personal finances is not overrated. Whether you are saving to establish an emergency fund for unexpected costs, starting a savings plan for a child or growing your money for the future, Raccoon Valley Bank  has personal savings accounts and certificate of deposit (CD) options to help you reach your goal no matter your age, occupation or lifestyle.


Savings Accounts at Raccoon Valley Bank

Junior savings from Raccoon Valley BankJunior Savers

Get your child started saving today for $25! The Junior Savers account is available for children newborn to 17 years old, and offers three (3) free withdrawals/debits per service charge cycle, compounded interest on collected balance and free online banking. $2 per withdrawal/debit over 3 withdrawals/debits per service charge cycle.


Regular savings account from Raccoon Valley BankRegular Savings

A flexible savings account for all ages, the Regular Savings account offers the same benefits as Junior Savers plus the availability of an ATM card, Telebanking and eStatements for an opening deposit of $100 and a required $100 minimum balance. It offers three (3) free withdrawals/debits per service charge cycle. $5 per service charge cycle if balance falls below $100. $2 per withdrawal/debit over three (3) per service charge cycle; $10.70 annual fee for ATM card1


Insured money market savings from Raccoon Valley BankInsured Money Market Account

Earn more interest the more you save with Raccoon Valley Bank ’s Insured Money Market Account. For those that have the ability to meet a higher opening deposit ($2,500) and required minimum balance ($2,500), you are rewarded with six (6) free withdrawals/debits per statement cycle, free online banking, free Telebank and eStatements available. $10.70 per statement cycle if balance falls below $2,5002$10.70 per withdrawal/debit over statement cycle limit2.  Subject to credit approval; 2 State and local sales tax included

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

A safe and secure option for growing your money, CDs at Raccoon Valley Bank  come in a variety of terms from six months to five years. With the peace of mind of FDIC protection and competitive interest rates, Raccoon Valley Bank  CDs are a great way to increase your wealth over time no matter if you are a young adult just starting out, managing a family’s finances or making a final push toward or already in retirement.

*CDs are subject to penalty for early withdrawal.

Get Started with a Savings Account or CD from Raccoon Valley Bank  Today!

If you are interested in opening a personal savings account at Raccoon Valley Bank , use the convenient online Deposit Account Application. You can also come by any of Raccoon Valley Bank ’s four locations to open a personal savings account or CD account.