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Mortgages, Ag Loans and Consumer Loans for All of Your Financial Needs

At Raccoon Valley Bank, we recognize that you have goals for your personal financial life: owning your own home, purchasing a new vehicle for your growing family or paying off high-interest credit card debt. As a community bank and lender, Raccoon Valley Bank  invests in the people who keep our communities growing by offering mortgages, consumer loans and agricultural loans.

Mortgages from Raccoon Valley Bank

Purchasing a home is still part of the “American Dream,” and Raccoon Valley Bank  helps make home ownership possible. By offering fixed-rate mortgages, adjustable-rate mortgages and mortgage refinancing options, Raccoon Valley Bank  can help you find the ideal mortgage solution. Visit the Mortgage Center  for more information and to apply for a mortgage today!

Consumer Loans

Sometimes life calls for additional funds. For those times, Raccoon Valley Bank  offers consumer loans to help you reach your goals or respond to unexpected costs that life brings along.

Agricultural Loans

Farming takes commitment and the ability to adapt to shifting economic trends and weather conditions. While we have no control over the weather, Raccoon Valley Bank  helps local farmers by offering a variety of agricultural loans.

Mortgages, Consumer Loans and Ag Loan Servicing from Raccoon Valley Bank

When you partner with Raccoon Valley Bank  for your mortgage, consumer loan or ag loan, you get more than the funds you need. You also get quick responses from local lenders, respectable rates and the power to approach your lender throughout the life of your loan. Call or come by Raccoon Valley Bank   for your mortgage, consumer loan or ag loan needs today to see the difference a community lender can make!